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Introducing the Eversense E3® CGM System

It’s time to Break Free from fingersticks* with the Eversense E3 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.

*Fingersticks still required for calibration and when symptoms do not match sensor glucose readings.

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Eversense E3 CGM System



The sensor is inserted by a trained health care provider in the upper arm and continuously measures glucose for up to 6 months.


Smart Transmitter

Worn over the sensor, the transmitter wirelessly sends data to user’s mobile device; is removable** and rechargeable and provides unique on-body vibe alerts.


Mobile App – iOS and Android

Displays your real-time glucose readings that you can use to treat your diabetes without a fingerstick.* You can also see your time in range, as well as allow up to 5 people to remotely monitor you in real-time.

Eversense E3 CGM System

The Eversense E3 CGM System is the new long-term CGM that has a sensor that provides up to 6 months of continuous readings. The sensor is changed by your healthcare provider – no more self-insertions.


Long-Term Convenience

One sensor continuously for up to 6 months


Peace of Mind Accuracy

Exceptional accuracy, including with hypoglycemia


Flexibility of Wear

Easy on, easy-off transmitter to fit your lifestyle**


Discreet Alerts

Distinct on-body vibe alerts when high or low


Gentle on skin

Silicone-based, fresh daily adhesive for comfort (no residue)


Readings You Can Count On

Consistent accuracy for up to 6 months with daily calibrations

*Fingersticks still required for calibration and when symptoms do not match sensor glucose readings. **There is no glucose data generated when the transmitter is removed. † On a compatible Android or iOS device. For a full list of compatible devices, please visit

MKT-001148 Rev 5