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Real-World Adherence

Adherence is the Key to Better Financial Outcomes1


Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is the gold standard of glycemic management,2 but low adherence rates have proven to limit its efficacy. 

  • Almost 25% of traditional CGM spend is wasted3
  • ~27% of traditional CGM users discontinue use after 1 year4
  • Only 63% of traditional CGM patients show real-world sensor wear time >70%.5-8

Optimal CGM adherence means to better outcomes 

  • 80% sensor use is associated with twice the HbA1c reduction.9
  • >90% adherence reduces healthcare costs, compared to traditional CGM wear time.10
    • €590 per patient per year less in emergency services 
    • €1,146 per patient per year less in outpatient services 

Product Whys — Adherence

Eversense Reduces Patient Burden and Improves Adherence

  • Long-term fully implantable sensor simplifies daily use by eliminating self-insertions
  • Water-resistant* transmitter can be removed without disturbing the sensor
  • Gentle hypoallergenic adhesive virtually eliminates skin irritation risk
Men hiking with Eversense

Learn more on how Eversense long-term CGM is improving adherence and outcomes.

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*Water resistant smart transmitter submerged up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. 

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