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Upgrade to Long-Term CGM

How to Upgrade to Long-Term CGM

Now that you know about the benefits of long-term CGM and how it can help with your diabetes management program, what are the next steps?


Step 1: Talk to Your Healthcare Provider

Eversense XL requires a prescription from your healthcare provider. Once you receive your prescription, we can process it with our local distributors. We are now available in 16 countries.

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Step 2: Make a Sensor Insertion Appointment

Because the Eversense Sensor is professionally-inserted, you will have to make an appointment with your clinic for the short procedure.

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Step 3: Start Using Your Eversense XL

After 24 hours, you’ll start receiving glucose readings every 5 minutes. Now you can enjoy up to 180 days of Freedom from weekly self-insertions, days of inaccurate readings and sensor site maintenance and related problems.

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