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Improved Real-World Outcomes

Eversense Is Putting Glycemic Goals Within Reach


Long-Term Wear

Industry leading adherence 

>23 hours wear time1-3

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Acting on continuous insights

Exceptional real-world time in target

59%-69% time in target4

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Improved self-management

HbA1C reduction across multiple pivotal studies1-3

0.5% HbA1C reduction2

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Eversense XL

What is Long Term CGM?


    • Longer wear time

      • 92% industry-leading adherence across 3 pivotal trials.1,2,3
      • Fully implantable 180-day sensor.
      • Continuous readings and alerts around the clock.

      Greater insight

      • Exceptional accuracy, especially in the 2.2-3.3 mmol/L range.4
      • Charts, graphs and in-app reports to improve glycemic awareness.
      • Three types of alerts (audio, on body vibe and mobile text) to guide safe management.

      Fewer obstacles

      • No twice-monthly sensor replacement.
      • Near-real time feedback to help predict and monitor trends.
      • Detects 95% of hyper/hypo events in 15 minutes.5

      Improved self-management

      • Exceptional 59-69% real-world time in target.1
      • Demonstrated eHbA1c of 6.9%1, below recognized treatment targets.6
      • Improved control reduces health risks and complications.7

    Accuracy and Discretion for your Members

    The Eversense long-term CGM System uniquely balances accuracy and discretion with an exceptional user experience.

    Girl using Eversense

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