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Did You Know?

Diabetes was one of the first-known diseases described in the history of human-kind. It’s amazing when you think about how long it has been around; it was first described on an Egyptian manuscript circa 1500 BCE as “too great emptying of urine.” Right around the same time, Indian physicians identified the disease as “honey urine,” noting that the urine on the ground would attract ants. Back in the dark era of human hygiene, the science of sanitary engineering was apparently very primitive, and open defecation was the way to go.

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Good Stuff

If you have to live every day with diabetes, you might as well have some fun with it!  PumpPeelz has lots of cute stickers to choose from, to sport on your Eversense Transmitter, and you can change them as often as you like!  And, if you want, you can even make custom covers with your picture on it.  This will help if you need to identify yourself somewhere or you forget who you are.

Are you loving your Eversense CGM? Come meet us at any of the following upcoming events and show off your stuff!

April 26th

May 20th

May 30th

NORCAL Diabetes Event, San Francisco, CA

TCOYD Type 1 Night, San Diego, CA

TCOYD and CME, Houston, TX


8 Tips to Make Living with Diabetes Easier



Remember you are not just an individual glucose number. You are a combination of the whole; you are the big picture.  If you didn’t have highs and lows, you wouldn’t have diabetes, so do not be too hard on yourself.  The key is to not have those highs for too long and with the use of a CGM, this is much easier to notice and correct. Especially with predictive alerts like the Eversense has!

Live life with the belief that diabetes is not who you are.  It is not your defining characteristic.  Keep remembering what it is that you love to do and continue to nurture that.  Make diabetes conform to YOU, not the other way around.

Try to be healthier in other areas of your life as well.  It all has a trickle down effect.  Get regular check ups.  Don’t smoke.  Keep your blood pressure in check.  Eat well.  Make good lifestyle choices. 

Try to reduce your stress level.  Easier said than done, of course. Stress has a direct and measurable affect on your glucose levels.  It sends them soaring and stress related highs are very stubborn about coming down. 

Exercise!  Helps with the stress level and at the same time gives you more energy, helps you relax, and even lets you sleep better. Plus, exercise makes you look better in a bathing suit. 

People with diabetes have higher rates of depression.  It is easy to see the correlation of why that would be so.  This disease can really throw you for a loop sometimes! We all have our pity parties every now and again, but if you feel like it’s more than just a moment, and you can’t pull yourself out of it, or you feel sad, hopeless, tired and are not enjoying your life the way you used to, make sure to reach out for help.   You will get past this!

Get social.  Diabetes can be a lonely disease.  You do not think most people understand what or how you are feeling, and you are right, they don’t. Unless you actually have diabetes, it is almost impossible to understand what you experience on a daily basis. Having a network of fellow friends with diabetes can be helpful to share problems, get answers and to just get to vent.  The best part is that there are millions of people living with the same disease as you, all over social media, and they are pretty easy to find #diabetes

Whatever you do, ALWAYS WEAR A CGM.  Monitoring your blood sugar, and treating accordingly, is the most proven and effective way to reduce short and long term complications from diabetes. 

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